Greenville Lives Up to the Hype

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The New York Times just released their list of the 52 places to go in 2017, including the most marvelous points of interest with tons to explore all over the world. This list including historic hotspots like Madrid and natural wonders of the world like the Great Barrier Reef. This list also decided to shout out the small Southern city of Greenville, SC! What makes Greenville, South Carolina worthy of this recent buzz?

Dining Scene

Greenville is quickly emerging as a “food-lover’s paradise” with a restaurant selection that has been described as enticing and extremely diverse. In the downtown area alone, there are nearly 100 different restaurants serving all types of amazing cuisines. For locals on the restaurant scene that want their food to transport them to another part of the world, French, Mediterranean and Japanese seem to be Greenville’s international specialties. For visitors looking to experience the city’s Southern roots, rib shacks, grills and gastropubs are never out of sight in Downtown. The city of Greenville is a master of all meals, lining the streets with cafes, as well as healthy sandwich shops priding their locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. If you consider yourself a food connoisseur of any kind or just someone who needs a good meal, Downtown Greenville is the right place to be.

Falls Park

After a meal at one of these fine restaurants, take a walk down to the Reedy River to stumble upon the beauties of Falls Park, home to the city’s plentiful population of friendly ducks. Although it is within the city, the park serves as an escape from the streets with its scenic waterfalls, encompassed by a bridge perfect for taking excellent photos of the park and the river. Be sure to visit the park during the summer nights where one could find live entertainment in the Bowater Amphitheater, which is something that Greenvillians look forward to the whole year.

Swamp Rabbit Trail

Located further down the Reedy River, one can find the beginning of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. This trail, stretching 21 miles long, is available for many uses such as running, walking, and even biking. Greenville has even won numerous distinctions nationwide for bike friendly amenities throughout the city’s infrastructure, including numerous bicycle parking locations. This trail passes through much of the surrounding area as well, such as the nearby town of Traveler’s Rest and the picturesque Furman University. There’s no better way to work out after a filling meal than to hop on this trail.

These famous restaurants and outdoor attractions are only some of the great aspects which make Greenville, SC one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Come to Greenville and see what all of the buzz is about!

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